Prices for Fargo, ND Raccoon Control

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How much does raccoon control cost in Fargo, ND? We do not have one-size-fits-all pricing, because each job is so different. We need to inspect the situation, or at least hear more about it before we can give a price. We give a written estimate for your approval before any work begins.

SMALL JOB: For a simple raccoon control job, maybe just 2 service visits with 1 animal trapped, removed, and relocated, the cost might be $200 +

BIG JOB: For a big job, which might involve many service visits with many animals removed, the cost might be $500 +

RACOONS IN ATTIC: This is often a complex job, involving a mother raccoon and babies. The young must be removed by hand, and steel exclusion repairs are necessary. The cost might be $500 +

Cleanup: To remove all the raccoon feces from your attic, as well as nesting material, urine-soaked insulation, etc, and decontaminate the area the cost might be $1000 +

Just call us at 701-402-4392 and desbribe your situation. The price varies based on several variables. We can give the best estimate over the phone.

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