Are There Any Services in the County or City That Will Help Me with Raccoons?

Having raccoons in or around your home can be a real issue. These are menacing critters that will tear apart your garbage can, ruin your garden, maybe even figure out a way to get into your home. They are the carriers of a number of diseases, which put you and your family at risk.

If you see raccoons around your home, then you are likely looking to try to deter them from coming around. A raccoon will keep testing the limits of things, meaning that today he is in your garden, tomorrow in your garage, and the day after that he is figured out a way into your attic. You have to take action to keep them away or to remove them if they have gotten into your home.

Is My Government Any Help?

One of the first things people think of when they have an issue with a wild animal is to contact their local city or county animal control agency. This body is tasked with taking care of wild animals so that they do not become a risk to people within the community. They are quite efficient at their job, but you are likely to find that your problem with raccoon is not going to be an issue for them.

Animal control agencies deal primarily with wild animals such as foxes, coyotes, maybe even mountain lions or bears. They are in business to protect the community from animals which pose an imminent risk. A raccoon is not going to be seen in that light.

Raccoons are common in most areas. If the animal control agency went out to take care of every raccoon that was singing, they would do nothing else. There are just that many raccoons.

The Exception to the Rule

It should be noted that there is one exception to this rule. There is one particular instance where you can be sure that someone will come out to assist you. That is if a raccoon looks like it is sick or diseased in some way.

If a raccoon is foaming at the mouth it could very well have rabies. That poses a serious risk to the community. Dogs are likely to bark at or even come near the raccoon where they could get scratched or bitten. Small children are in the same boat. This is dangerous.

If a raccoon is out during the daytime and looks drunk. This kind of bizarre behavior is assigned that the animal has some kind of illness. That poses a risk to the community.

In these cases, you can be sure that animal control is coming out. They absolutely have to. While the vast majority of times they will not be out to assist you, you can be sure that if you call and have a raccoon that looks sick that they will send someone out right away. This is for the benefit of the whole community and they have to look out for all.

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