How Can I Kill a Raccoon in My Yard?

If you have a pesky raccoon coming around your property, you may be looking for effective ways to quickly and the little critter's life. Maybe you've tried traps before. Maybe you've been able to scare it off, however, it keeps returning. Now, you have reached a breaking point. This little bugger has to go!

Go Ahead, Make My Day!

You have decided it is time to terminate this little critter. You been compassionate enough about it and it's time to take real action. But how can you quickly kill a raccoon in your yard? Here are some real and tongue-in-cheek ideas for you.


While not a quick method, one idea you can use is poison. You could get some commercial product where the poison is already contained inside the food. Lay that out in your yard one evening and wait for the raccoon to come for. A few nibbles of that evening's meal and your raccoon will be gone within hours. You don't get to see it happen exactly, but you don't have to sit out in your yard either.


Another plan that doesn't require you to be an active participant is the use of a harpoon trap. This trap is pretty simple. You simply place the food inside the trap. When the raccoon goes into get it, a harpoon like mechanism is released, stabbing the raccoon in killing it.

You can set this out during the day, then go to bed. By the time you wake up, the raccoon will be dead. It's a little messy to clean up, but quite effective.

Shoot It

If you are a good shot with a crossbow or rifle, you could take the raccoon out with your weapon. You know that as it gets dark the raccoon is going to make its way across your yard. If you don't have a problem with staying awake waiting for it, you could simply fire off a shot, killing it right away.

Of course, there are some precautions you need to keep in mind before going with this option. First, you may not be able to shoot a rifle in your area. Your neighbors may also not appreciate being woken up in the middle of the night by you killing a raccoon. This could draw a lot of phone calls to 911, meaning the police are going to be paying you a visit.

Plus, you got to worry about if you miss. You surely don't want to blow out your shed or shoot out a neighbor's window. You need to be a really good shot and ensure that there is something to protect your neighbor's property.

If you are feeling like none of these works for you, then maybe your best step is to hire a professional. There are great businesses out there that can take care of your raccoon problem once and for all. They may not even have to kill the animal. They can simply move it away and your problem will be resolved.

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