Are Mothballs and Ammonia Effective Raccoon Repellents?

If you are having problems with raccoons, you likely have scoured the Internet looking for remedies that will help you to keep these animals off your property. While most of us think of raccoons as cute, cuddly little critters, the truth is that these animals can be quite dangerous. They are wild animals, meaning they will scratcher call you if you get too close to them. Plus, raccoons carry a number of diseases and parasites that are extremely hazardous to you and your family. It's important to keep these animals as far off your property as possible.

The Household Solution?

To assist you in this endeavor, you will likely come across a number of sites that assure you that products you have at home will do the trick for you. One of the more common solutions you are told is the use of ammonia or mothballs. 

These are common products found in almost every home. Ammonia is a common household cleaner. It is often in products that you purchase to clean your toilet, countertops, and sink. Ammonia has been used for years to clean products, and has one of the more distinctive odors you will come across. If you have ever smelled ammonia before, you will know and every time you come across it afterwards.

Mothballs are another common product that most of us have used. These are often used with clothing that is being stored. The odor of the mothballs is repulsive to moths, causing them to avoid the clothing. A very effective tool to say the least.

Does It Work on Raccoons?

We will admit that this will work against raccoons. The odor of the ammonia and the mothballs are repulsive to raccoons. Both could successfully keep raccoons off your property.

However, don't go out buying them right now. Understand that there is a major problem with using either one of these products. To effectively keep raccoons off your property using either of the products, you would have to place it around your entire property, at least 5 feet in from the property line all around your house. 

Think about the smell of ammonia or mothballs around your house all the time. This is what you would have. On top of that, over time the effect of these products would wear down. You would have to continually put out more ammonia, more mothballs for this to work. This doesn't even consider the damage it would do to your property. You could be sure that any vegetation around these areas will be dead.

A Good Idea in Theory

There is no doubt that the theory behind it is sound. The problem with it is that this is just not a practical solution. You are endangering your own paths, it would kill any plants or other vegetation you have around your property. Plus, it would smell horrific. If you have ever been in a men's bathroom, you know exactly what it's like to have that strong smell of ammonia around. There are much better options out there and you should look into them instead.

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