Are There Ways to Keep Raccoons Out of My Garbage Can?

So, you go out one night to throw away your trash only to find that raccoons have rummaged through your garbage can, leaving banana peels, rotting meat, and trash everywhere. It is a disgusting mess which has you incredibly frustrated. Now you wonder if there are any methods you can use to keep raccoons out of your garbage cans.

A Little Raccoon Psychology First

What you need to understand first is that raccoons are omnivores. They will literally eat just about anything, including the stuff in your trash. Your piece of steak maybe five days old, but a raccoon will still eat that.

It is also important to understand that once a raccoon has found a source of food, it will return there. Your raccoon is continually coming back to your garbage can and will continue to do so as long as it knows there is food available to it. That means you have to shut off the source as quickly as possible.

Secure Your Cans

The most important place to begin is by ensuring that the raccoons cannot get into the garbage cans. If you have a garbage can without a lid, then you need to get a new garbage can. Lids need to be securely fastened. If you are unable to do so, then get a piece of bungee cord that you fastened through the handles of the garbage can. Then slide the lid on and off as needed. This will be impossible for the raccoon to pull the lid off, denying it the opportunity to get into your garbage can.

Clean Around the Garbage Can

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they do a fine job of securing the lid to the garbage can, but they leave drippings from the garbage bag leading from the kitchen all the way to the trashcan. These drippings are on the sidewalk, on the fencing, maybe even on the outside of the garbage can itself.

In this case, the raccoon knows there is food somewhere. It can smell it from these drippings. If you have oils, spices, meat juices, or any other byproduct dripping on the ground as you are carrying the garbage bag to the garbage can, you need to clean that right away. Spray that down with soap and water. Leave nothing behind that will encourage the raccoon to come to your home.

Build a Wall

Also, if you can, put up a fence around your garbage cans. Make it difficult for the raccoon to even get to the cans at all. If you put up a fence, ensure that it is at least 6 feet tall and that you bury it in at least one foot below the surface. This will make it difficult for the raccoon to climb over the fence or to get under it to get to your garbage cans.

A few simple things and you can keep a raccoon out of your garbage cans. You just have to be diligent so that it will not find your garbage cans to be a source of food any longer.

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