Are There Pest Control Companies That Remove Racoons?

If you are having an issue with the raccoon in your home, you are likely looking for some kind of assistance to help you to read this animal from your house. Your first step should be to contact the local animal control agency. Because these animals pose a potential health risk because of the diseases they carry, you may find that your local county or city agency may assist you in capturing and removing this animal from your house.

Where Do I Go If They Don't?

If you have tried that option and have found that they are unable to help you, your next step is likely to make a call to a local pest control company looking to see if they may help you. Before you do that, you may want to know if pest control companies help with raccoon removal?

It's a question that would seem to have a positive response. A raccoon can be considered a pest. These professionals often promise that they could handle just about any type of pest control issues you have, so capturing and removing the raccoon would seem to be within their abilities. However, you are likely to find that this is not the case.

Most of these pest control agencies deal exclusively with insects and small rodents, such as mice or rats. It is not often that you will find one that will handle larger animals like a raccoon. What that means is that you are often left to fend for yourself.

So, What Do I Do?

Before you give up, the reason that we told you to contact your local animal control agency first is for two reasons. First, you hope that they will help you with your problem. They will send someone out to capture the raccoon in your problem is resolved.

However, if they do not offer the service, you can be sure they know who does. If they inform you that they are unable to assist you, then asked them if they know of any agencies in the area that deal with raccoon removal. They will know and they will probably be able to tell you which is the best business to go to. 

When No One Will Help

If you are still having no luck finding assistance, you may be on your own. Be aware that there are things you to safely capture and remove the raccoon from your home. You need to make sure you are properly protecting herself before taking any action. Raccoons are wild animals, and may lash out at you. You also have to consider the fact that they are the carriers of a number of diseases that pose a risk to you and your family.

Your best bet is to use some form of entrapment to get the animal out of your house, then ensure that it cannot get back in. If you are smart about it and careful, you can do this if it becomes necessary.

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