Are Repellents Effective For Removing Raccoons From the Chimney?

If you have a raccoon in your chimney, then you are probably aware that these can be extremely difficult animals to get out. Once they have built themselves a nest or found that the chimney is a safe place to hide, they can be quite difficult to keep away. It can be a real challenge.

Some turn to techniques like exclusion funnels or even hiring a professional to remove the raccoon, but if the critter continually keeps returning, you will find that it is not feasible to continually hire a professional to remove these animals, nor can you continually run out, climb on your roof, and install the exclusion funnel to keep them out. You want a solution that works, and this is why many are turning to such things as repellents.

You will find that there are a large number of companies offering commercial repellents that they assure you will keep these animals away from your chimney or other area of your home. The science behind it seems logical. They use compounds that are known to irritate or even scare raccoons away. This makes it seem that they are the perfect solution.

Theoretically, they do work. If you place the repellent out during the day, it will most likely keep the raccoon away. However, you should be aware that there are a great number of limitations related to the use of these products.

First off, like any kind of spray or aerosol, they will fade over time. What works today may not work three or four days from now. Thus, your raccoon problem quickly resurfaces. Also, whenever a rainstorm occurs, you can be sure that most of the repellent will be washed away, meaning that you will need to reapply it or else the raccoon will be back. 

These kinds of problems make the use of repellents not an efficient option. They don't work nearly as good as you need, sending you searching for other options that are more effective.

Instead of investing in some kind of commercial repellent, the more sensible thing to do is to install a wire screen over the top of your chimney. This will keep these animals from gaining access into your chimney, and the longevity of the solution is by far superior to any other option.

A properly designed screen that is installed correctly is an extremely effective barrier. It works quickly and effectively. After a short period of time, the raccoon will find that it is not getting past this barrier, sending it looking for another location to build its nest or to find refuge.

You can purchase a commercial repellent and you will have some success, at least at first. However, the more sensible thing to do would be to install a screen. You will find that in the long run this will save you a lot of money and will be a far more effective method to keep these animals out.

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