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Welcome to Raleigh Pest Control Raccoon! We are a wildlife control company specializing in permanent raccoon removal and exclusion in Raleigh, North Carolina. Raccoons commonly break into attics, tear up sod, steal pet food, poop in your pool, kill birds and fish, get in your garbage cans, and more. No matter what your raccoon problem is, we will always solve it! We offer PERMANENT raccoon solutions. We are experts in our field, and know all about the wildlife of County, North Carolina, especially raccoons. Call us at 984-569-6073 and we can schedule an appointment the same day or the next. Also check out our Raleigh animal removal prices. You'll soon see why we are considered Raleigh's best animal removal company! Some of the services we offer include:

  • 100% Permanent Raccoon Solutions
  • Full Property Inspections
  • Prevention and Damage Repairs
  • Humane Raccoon Trapping & Relocation
  • Raccoons in the Attic - Removal
  • Poison-Free Raccoon Control
  • Roof and Attic Exclusion Traps
  • Raccoon Feces Cleanup, Odor Control

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Raleigh raccoon control

We are professional experts in raccoon control, and are not your average Raleigh pest control company. We never use poison, since it simply doesn't work and is inhumane. Instead, we use humane raccoon trapping methods and relocation. When you have raccoons in the attic, we make sure to remove that nest of baby raccoons by hand, and then trap the mother raccoon. People wonder if the raccoons of County, North Carolina have rabies, and some do, but our staff is innoculated against rabies and use the safest removal methods. We solve your raccoon problem by taking these steps:

  • Inspect the entire property, ground to roof, and the attic
  • If raccoons are in the attic, we remove the nest of babies
  • Seal shut all entry areas, with steel repairs that raccoons can't break
  • Set several humane cage traps around your property - the right way!
  • Remove all raccoons as they are caught and monitor for activity
  • Once there is no more activity and no more caught, we're done
  • When necessary, we clean feces, replace insulation, and repair chewed materials

What Prices Do We Charge in Raleigh?

Every raccoon situation is different: What type of animals? Do you need trapping, prevention, repairs, cleanup? Call us and we can give pricing for your specific situation.

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Raleigh raccoon removal tip of the month: Liquid solution to racoon - There are not many commercial products that can truly repel racoons. The only product with much of a successful history behind it is racoon eviction fluid, a liquid made from the urine and scent glands of a male racoon. This substance will occasionally work on female racoons with litters, encouraging the mother to move her babies to an area she feels is safer. In nature, the male racoon will kill any offspring that aren't his. This will cause the female to go back into heat, and the male will be able to breed with her since he killed his rival's young. While eviction fluid works some of the time to get rid of a female racoon, it doesn't work all of the time, and it doesn't work on a male. If you have a male racoon in your house, which is very rare, you need to trap him with a bait trap secured to the roof of your home. You can also place the trap on level ground near where the racoon comes and goes from the house. Bait it with a marshmallow or some bread chunks and see what happens.